Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cell Phones in Movie Screenings

I hope all my readers had a great Thanksgiving. I saw Old Dogs, which was excellent. Any movie with a gorilla in the poster is a must see.

About half way through the movie, my cell phone went off. I always leave the ringer on during a film because I hate the way that vibration feels on my thigh. The call was from a studio, so of course, I answered it.

A man behind me had the gall to turn around and ask me to get off my cell phone. It was “ruining” the movie experience. First of all, I do not believe people should be able to keep their phones on during movies. However, there are people who are vitally important to society and therefore should be allowed to use their phones in the theatre. I, of course, am one of them. Besides, if it weren’t for agents handling important business, how do you think Old Dogs would ever have made it to the screen?

I just rolled my eyes at the impolite man. He glared at me, so I told him to “go back to stuffing your face with oversized popcorn and that 2 gallon coke. I’m handling business.” After he kicked my seat, I left the theatre and demanded my money back. Then I remembered that I got the tickets for free, I never pay for films. The Century City theatre shouldn’t even allow non-industry people in.

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