Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tyler Perry's How to Make a Ton of Money

I’m beginning to think I’m the only white person that likes Tyler Perry movies.

“Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns” made over $20 million last weekend. In the past 2 years, Mr. Perry made 5 movies and 42 episodes of “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.” That’s crazy. His movies are cheap to make, but they make tons of money.

Tyler Perry writes, directs, and produces his own movies. Any film maker that puts their name in the title demands to be taken seriously. Doesn’t “Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey” sound better than “2001: A Space Odyssey?”

This leads me to today’s story. I had some fellow, upper class, agents over at my house last weekend. Let’s make something clear, they were not all white men. One guy was Jewish and some brought their trophy wives. Anyways, I threw on an episode of “House of Payne.” I began to laugh and enjoy the show, then I turned to my friends and realized they did not share my enjoyment.

Some of their comments,

“Are we in Compton?”

“Should I be drinking Schlitz to understand this?”

“Since this is an urban show, can I yell at the screen?”

“I didn’t even know that the cable company broadcasts this show north of the 10 freeway.”

I called them racist. I know I’m not exactly the most righteous person, but I decided to make the comment.

Their reactions,

“We aren’t racist. We just aren’t the show’s demographic.”

“As a rich, white person, you can’t expect me to understand the ‘urban’ experience.”

“It doesn’t matter if I am black or white, this show just sucks.”

I reminded them that Tyler Perry movies make tons of money.

A friend replied, “That just makes his movies more annoying.”

Then I realized, it…. This is jealousy. Adam Sandler can make a thousand stupid movies, that make tons of money, and no one bats an eye. He does not receive the same hatred of that Tyler Perry gets. It’s not as simple as a black man succeeding where many white men have failed. Tyler Perry pumps out a ton of movies, seemingly effortlessly, and they all make a lot of money. Very few of our movies make money. Most movies in general are failures. Any man that can make this much money, this consistently, is going to have haters (look at that, I even threw in an urban word).

Another house guest went so far as to say, “Seriously, Tyler Perry movies should be put down and made fun of.”

Black people typically only have a few roles to select from; rappers, gangsters, murderers, and basketball players. Tyler Perry has the audacity to portray complex African Americans, that defy stereotypes. He shows black people that are good people. But most importantly, his movies make a ton of money. Keep racking it in Tyler Perry.

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  1. This is why there are mostly rich white people that are miserable in life. They can have all the 0's in the world behind whatever number and cant keep thier life with good quality. Your friends are those kind of people. You know the ones that have to put someone elses light out to make thier shine brighter kinda friends. I couldnt be associated with them. The are scared to two reason. (1) They claim the cant understand us, but have you even tryed to, No!(2) Since the beginning of racism and presently White male and females have been taught That Blacks are below them and you can talk to us any kind of way. They are scared since we are now and have been for years getting educated and holding positions in various professions that we are going to get ahead. And we are ahead! Every action causes a reaction! In life you treat people the way you want to be talked to and treated because you never know when you may need that person. I love Tyler Perry and I would work with him any day! Your white friends better get on this train or get left behind! They are living in the fantacy world like just as fast they got all that money or what ever they cant loose it just as fast. Watch the News everyday there is some rich looser who does something stupid to get a name for himself, WHY? Because they are miserable. They would commit suicide at any drunkin moment! Straight IGNORANT!!!!