Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Single X Pornography

Dear Readers, it is important to seek new markets in this struggling economy.

As sellers of film, we are constantly trying to find concepts that sell to all markets, the mythical "four quadrant" product...

Single X Porn. Single X Pornography doesn't have intercourse. In fact, it doesn't even have nudity. It would showcase things like "Hardcore Snuggling" or "Super Filthy Making Out."

The pornography market makes tons of money. The problem with porn is that it only has a male demographic (and no respectable person can join that industry). Single X Porn could be bought by people under 18, therefore exploiting that market.

Pornography for couples is becoming a bigger market. Single X Porn would provide a product that feels taboo (it is pornography), but it reality, it's very safe. Single X Porn is to XXX Porn as to Forty Deuce is to strip clubs.

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