Thursday, February 4, 2010

J.D. Salinger - A Catcher in the Rye- Movie

(What a horrible picture)

The great author, J.D. Salinger, passed away. I cannot attest to his greatness because I never read any of his books, in fact, I don’t read any books. If a book was good it would be made into a movie.

Salinger never sold the book rights to “A Catcher in the Rye!” If it is a good book, then it will make a great movie, right? Movies always turn out better than the books they are adapted from. Staring at a large screen with vivid colors and a loud soundtrack is always going to beat reading black ink on a page.

Even those pretentious literary consume more movies than books. Don’t believe me? How many novels did you read last year? How many movies did you watch? Point proven.

Now that Salinger has passed on, I’m going to try and secure the movie rights. I had to Wikipedia the basic story. (As a side note reading a Wikipedia entry takes long enough… I can’t imagine reading the entire book).


The book would have to be modernized. Holden bottles up a lot of teenage angst. Nowadays teens don’t bottle up any of their emotions, they have the web to express themselves. Holden would quickly YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter about his feelings. That’ll also provide for some great product placement opportunities. Just imagine having Holden tweet this in the movie..
“OMG. Just saw a prostitute. I feel weird about it. Whateva.”

The relationship with his sister would need to be changed. We’ll change her from a sister to a love interest. is kind of tomboyish, so maybe Kristen Stewart for the role?

The Rye field dream sequence has a lot of cinematic potential. I’m thinking 3-D. It would be like you are actually moving through the Rye Fields!

The ending would have to be changed improved. It’s so depressing and open ended. Maybe Holden falls in love and gets over all his emotional problems? Just a thought.

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