Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gamer (not based on a game)

A reader pointed out that my earlier posts were more story based and therefore more interesting to read than my later, more informational posts. While I hate to be second guessed and told how to write my blog, I actually agree. I’ll make more story based posts.

I love when the marketing department gets control of a movie. Seriously. I’m not saying that in an ironic, hipster way, I mean it. The marketing department’s main goal is to sell the movie and make money, unlike the development people who care about the story. More studios should have more marketing people in the development room, but that’s I’m digressing.

The movie is called Gamer. Seriously, GAMER! It's a brilliant move to title the movie after the demographic you market to. Some 16 year old kid will think, "The movie is called gamer. I'm a gamer, therefore I'll see the movie." People really are that dumb. Maybe other movies should use the technique. Instead of Twilight you could call it Lonely Pre-Teen Girls.

Gamer is about a guy who plays a Halo-esque game, except instead of controlling a character inside of an XBOX, the player controls a real person. Who wouldn't want to play a game where you could actually kill people? Throw some loud rock music on the sound track, cast the bro from 300, down a can of Monster, and you got yourself a movie. Hell yeah BRO!!!!

Think of the video game tie in. The game "Gamer" based on the movie "Gamer," it's post modern AND bankable. I'll be honest, the script isn't great, but really, does it need to be? The dialogue is almost laughable. I would quote some of it, but I don’t want to get sued.

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