Friday, August 14, 2009

William Morris Endeavor - Academy

Unless you live under a rock, you've probably head that two talent agencies merged. William Morris and Endeavor are now William Morris Endeavor. To compensate with the discrepancies in assistant pay, many William Morris assistants are being forced to take a pay cut. Read the following article….

WME assistant pay

I know what you are all thinking? 10.00/hour!? It’s an outrage. Why are we paying these people more than minimum wage? There are rumors of a walk out. Are you fucking kidding me assistants! A walk out! You should be honored be honored to learn from some of the best agents in the business. They’re a spoiled generation.

An agent’s assistant is a status symbol. It’s like a car or nice suit. Some people like attractive (but highly unqualified) assistants, while others like their assistants to have pedigrees. My coworker has an assistant with a Harvard Law Degree. Honest to God – Harvard Fucking Law. God bless the economic crisis. For a lot of us, assistants are as close as we’ll ever come to actually owning slaves. The fact that we have to pay them is really unfair.

I propose that WME retool the training program. Rename it “Agent Academy” and not only not pay assistants, but have them pay an admission fee. It would be like a graduate school for agenting. Think about it, they come into this program very green, unlearned and they come out as Jr. Agents. We groom them, train them, and then let them set up shop here. They owe us.

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