Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Urban" movies

Walter is an idiot. Let me rephrase that. My Assistant is an idiot.

This morning he applied to become the assistant to another agent. First of all, did he think I wouldn’t find out? There is not a damn thing he knows about that I haven’t already herd. Second of all, I am hurt! We had a rapport going. He got my coffee. I learned his name. I never learned an assistant’s name before him. He was my first. Now he is trying to leave me after everything we have been through together. As punishment, I sent him to starbucks, then when he got there, I called him and said I no longer wanted anything. Then I made him read the new WB pilots, even though we are in the midst of a writer’s strike.

The agent he applied to work for specializes in “urban” movies. Walter is from a farm in Utah. Ok, he’s actually from suburban San Francisco, but that’s basically the same thing. He should know that an agent who specializes in “urban” movies would probably want a “diversity” assistant. Walter is white. He would definitely be considered for the position but it’s always a plus when the agency can add “diversity” to it’s stafff. Especially when dealing with “urban” movies. “Diversity” does not mean people that are not white. That is a misconception. A “diversity applicant” can be anyone.

Diversity Applicant: Someone from a background different than most of the other employees that work at the agency.

I’ll let you use your imagination.

Let me take a moment to shed some Hollywood insight. We’ll specifically talk about “urban” movies. The “Urban” market is one of the most consistant and bankable markets. As a white person, it feels good when I can do my part to help an African-American actress get a part in an “urban” movie. It is not like the old days. Now there are tons of roles for African-Americans. They can play gangsters, athletes, drug addicts, hookers, single moms, and not too mention all the dancing roles in hip-hop videos.

“Urban” movies are excellent too. Have you seen a Tyler Perry movie? Wow. What a talent! That Mad Black Woman is hilarious. Now he has that great TV show too, “House of Payne.” I must admit, I can’t stop watching. It has been “season passed” on my tivo. Watching the show makes me feel like I am partaking in the “urban” experience. Tyler Perry’s movies make a ton of money too, proving their artistic significance.

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