Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why I Write

Walter asked me why I run this blog. I yelled at Walter for questioning me. Then I realized it was a a question. Of course I didn’t tell him that.

Why do I blog? The answer: To enligthen, inform, and shed a little insight into this business of show. Being a top agent at one of the big agencies, I am an insider of insiders, an elitist of the elite. I have radically altered the history of show business. I would love to give you examples, but that would compramise my identity.

As someone with such incredible insight, I have a responsibility. A responsibility to educate.

So dear reader, I write this blog? For you. I hope you learn just a shred of what I know. If you aspire to work in the entertainment agency, consider this blog a second film school. Or more like an MBA and Film School wrapped in one. If you are reading this blog simply to see a “slice of life” of the industry, you shall find it enlightening and even life changing.

To all my readers I have but one thing to say... You’re welcome.

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